Well being and Basic safety Compliance To the Good thing about Highway Customers

What expense should be allotted for conserving life on the nation’s highways?roadimpact

With a lot of emphasis on Wellness & Security in the workplace and on employers to ensure strict compliance, why is this not extended to the highway network to the security of all road customers?

The World Health and fitness Organisation has stated there is in an epidemic of street deaths and all members of the United Nations have agreed to co-operate to reduce highway deaths by 50% over the next 10 years.

During 12 years to 2011, the police recorded more than three million highway casualties in the UK.

More than 36,000 people lost their lives and another 373,985 were seriously injured.
While the price paid by the victims and their families is inestimable, the annual price to the economy is put between £15bn and £32bn.

What can the UK do?

Highway Street Markings provide guidance at all times as well as providing a significant line visibility impact to highway people travelling at night. They are a protection feature of the highway.

The Highways Agency introduced TD26/07 as a road marking performance standard within some of their current MAC contracts and is also included in the new Asset Support Contracts. This standard included the requirement for annual retro-reflectivity testing with High Speed Monitoring equipment (Ecodyn) to provide evidence of compliance with the standard.

In the UK the current minimum standard of retro-reflectivity performance for highway markings is 100mcd/lux/m² with an intervention level of 80mcd/lux/m².

It is often commented that road markings represents less than 1% of the total annual budget expenditure for maintenance on Motorway and Trunk Highway Contracts and that, value for money, road markings provide the best return on investment as well as save lives.

They are often taken for granted by the street user and, like the surface they are travelling on, are always expected to be there. When they are missing, or difficult to see, there is the risk of a problem.

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